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A term for people who enjoy rusty items and seeing how long they can hold said items in their anal passages before shitting themselves. Enjoys the act of chewing on pencil flab and night humping rabbit beasts. They also like to caress horny toads and then put previously spanked caterpillars in other persons mouths and make them chomp superhard. They are all incredibly beautiful, with the exception of any called Pete, who is pug ugly and a raging homosexual with earwax problems.
"hey man, did you see that boatfield down the lane earlier today? they were getting dangerously near that pond, at least they're hot damn digity fine. Oh, sorry dude, i forgot you have to look at that ugly fuck Pete who's boning your mum"
#pete #is #gay #homo #supergay
by bangtwat June 14, 2008
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