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a surfer
"... I am a lion."
"You're a hopeless boardhead."
"And proud of it..."

Dean Koontz. "The Husband"
by knavehearts June 04, 2009
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Used in txt conversations, a Headtype is when someone becomes bitterly dissapointed or frustrated, and mashes their forehead into the keyboard.

This usually, does not write much in the way of random letters, so there are 2 ways in which it is usually written.

1: A simple *boardhead*
2: A creatively selection of 4 keys that are close together, E.g, *ghbn*, *tgyh*, *erdf*, ect.
Sam (wonder why ure mum was home late?) says: so wen am are you gonna be able to pay me back, im in need of the money..

Jeff, booh yeh says: What money?

Sam (wonder why ure mum was home late?) says: umm, the 200 i lent you...

Jeff, booh yeh says: oh yer, sorry, i had to pay matt back

Sam (wonder why ure mum was home late?) says: but u've only owed him cash fro like 2 days, mines going on 2 weeks!

Jeff, booh yeh says: yer, but he was there....

Sam (wonder why ure mum was home late?) says: *yuhj tygh rtfh tygh polk uikj*

Jeff, booh yeh says: yer, sorry

(Board Heads in use from frustration)
by Cylixx March 03, 2006
A boardhead is a person who is a fanatical participant in a board sport such as; sailboarding (windsurfing), snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, kiteboarding. Used to describe someone who can think of little else than the board sport they participate in. Original first use in the 1980's to describe fanatical sailboarders at the Columbia River Gorge, a river and canyon that forms the border between the states of Washington and Oregon.
John didn't show up for work again because he is windsurfing, he is such a boardhead.
by Krakski November 19, 2015
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