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All girls (only hot ones) shall be referred to as Boadies.... Bodacious Babe
angelina jolie is a boadie, i'd bang her like a beast
by UanonymousA May 14, 2007
more feminine form of the name Brodie
i like boadie hes more like brodie but more........................fun
by Jo Keryman August 17, 2013
improper noun: term of endearment between friends. Unisex; can be used when speaking to a man or woman. Similar to how dude or bro is used in many circles. Origins: Orlando, FL.

Derived from the term boe, which derived from the term boe-boe, which derived from the term doh-doh, derived from the term doe or doh (as a term of endearment].
What you up tonight boadie? Dunno boe, you?

I don't know boadie, that club looks kinda whack.

What's gooood doh-doh? Chillin boadie, what's good with you?
by OrlandoFC December 07, 2010