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All girls (only hot ones) shall be referred to as Boadies.... Bodacious Babe
angelina jolie is a boadie, i'd bang her like a beast
by UanonymousA May 14, 2007
improper noun: term of endearment between friends. Unisex; can be used when speaking to a man or woman. Similar to how dude or bro is used in many circles. Origins: Orlando, FL.

Derived from the term boe, which derived from the term boe-boe, which derived from the term doh-doh, derived from the term doe or doh (as a term of endearment].
What you up tonight boadie? Dunno boe, you?

I don't know boadie, that club looks kinda whack.

What's gooood doh-doh? Chillin boadie, what's good with you?
by OrlandoFC December 07, 2010
A shortened, modern version of the popular 80's vernacular "Bodacious."Bodacious often refers to things and actions that are considered to be cool by young people. Like rollerblades, or dayglo orange.
"Dude, those dayglo orange rollerblades are lookin' boadie."

"Thanks bro, I'm diggin you're acid wash denim jacket combined with your mullet coming out from your backwards hat. Boadie look dude!"




by Deathguy6 November 14, 2014
more feminine form of the name Brodie
i like boadie hes more like brodie but
by Jo Keryman August 17, 2013
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