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it can be bad...
it can be good...
or it can be neither...
Oh no, I pissed bed again, BO SELECta...

I just been toilet wi' mi gran, Bo selECTA!!!...

I dont really care, bo selecta...
by Zoolook May 24, 2004
4 6

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"Bo" as in very good
"selector" the DJ and/or his/her choice of tune.
the crowd say "bo selector"
by DJ QC August 01, 2003
22 9
As above, mostly used by townie wankers with no lives, while listening to so solid crew, wearing rockport, and drinking white lightening!
Im too 'ard me... bo selecter... p.s. im a cock
by Flange August 18, 2003
16 7
Expression, used commonly amongst the black community and wannabe's such as Ali-G, said DJ's and Craig David.
Yo, check this MP3 player out! Is the finest of the line, just ripped outta a pink Chevrolet! Bo-Selector!!!! - BO!!!!
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
7 4
choosing the best wood for archery
Man goes to archery lesson, first thing first need to choose a bow, have to ask the bo-selector
by Paul Brooks December 17, 2003
11 9
word from wanna be sub culture of bling which is based around being egotistical and thinking rhyming two syllable words and longing to live in american slums is a worth while out look on life
I'm bad and dumb innit
by Scott December 19, 2003
5 5
Campbell and siroos drinking tea through a straw (kings bar Lydney)
propa bo young un/
by Mathew Hancock November 15, 2003
3 7