it can be bad...
it can be good...
or it can be neither...
Oh no, I pissed bed again, BO SELECta...

I just been toilet wi' mi gran, Bo selECTA!!!...

I dont really care, bo selecta...
by Zoolook May 24, 2004
Top Definition
"Bo" as in very good
"selector" the DJ and/or his/her choice of tune.
the crowd say "bo selector"
by DJ QC August 01, 2003
As above, mostly used by townie wankers with no lives, while listening to so solid crew, wearing rockport, and drinking white lightening!
Im too 'ard me... bo selecter... p.s. im a cock
by Flange August 18, 2003
Expression, used commonly amongst the black community and wannabe's such as Ali-G, said DJ's and Craig David.
Yo, check this MP3 player out! Is the finest of the line, just ripped outta a pink Chevrolet! Bo-Selector!!!! - BO!!!!
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
choosing the best wood for archery
Man goes to archery lesson, first thing first need to choose a bow, have to ask the bo-selector
by Paul Brooks December 17, 2003
word from wanna be sub culture of bling which is based around being egotistical and thinking rhyming two syllable words and longing to live in american slums is a worth while out look on life
I'm bad and dumb innit
by Scott December 19, 2003
Campbell and siroos drinking tea through a straw (kings bar Lydney)
propa bo young un/
by Mathew Hancock November 15, 2003
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