in greek, it is an acronym for "Bafous Me Xydia" (Μπάφους με ξύδια), meaning "weed and booze"
-Πώς πέρασες χθες το βράδυ; (How was it last night?)
-Καλά, έκανα bmx. (Cool, I bmx'd.)
by tolhc January 17, 2014
The Best Damn Thing out There. That Really Takes a ton of time and Skill.
Yes..Some other stuff might take time and skill..But nuttin is harder then BMX.
lol, and we can't forget our flameing skater friends now can we?..Sure lets do and say we didnt
When a Skater Falls off a grind..they hurt their knee.
When a BMX'er falls off a grind..they break their fucking head.
You Tell Me What One Is Better And Takes More Skill
by ~Nate: The Ghost~ April 22, 2005
an aesthetic form of expression involving a rider and their bicycle
Trey Doig likes bmx and little boys.
by Lizzle Nizzle January 28, 2003
A skill in which you ride a bike (which anyone can do) but you make it "extreme". Alot of the time it's for former skaters who realize they can never land anything, so they try to look cool anyways on a BMX bike. Not all though, some BMXers are really cool.
BMX poser: WHOO look at me! I jay hopped over a stick and went off the ramp! GHETTO GHETTO!

Me: You've gotta be shittin me

by Hu Jass November 21, 2007
sport often left out of public skateparks for bullshit reasons...
enforced by 26 year old pedifiles named willy
i bike now let me in willy, or ill get the cops on u 4 havin sex with that 8 year old
by casey January 03, 2004
something that SKATE parks wont allow because of all of these stupid comments on this site about how these faggot kids say their going to "kick some skateboard ass"
What is a SKATE park not going to allow

by none of you biz July 10, 2008
bmx is the best fucking sport ever- now stop reading these gay ass definitions
and go ride your bike. run over some skaters too.
fit, standard, volume, fbm, s&m- no gt, is not a bmx bike nor is ur stupid ass dyno.
by n00b August 31, 2003
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