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BMFF means Best Motha Fuckin Friend
if you were talking about your friend in a coment you could say "the bmff ever" <33
by BROHOE2277 May 13, 2007
Best Male Friend Forever
A girl's very close friend of the other gender. She can have more than one, but they are all as close to her as a BFF, so nobody usually has more than one. May or may not be in love with the girl.
Girl one: Stop hanging out with Steve, you hang out all the time.
Girl two: But Steve's my BMFF, of course we're going to hang out.

Steve: Yeah, you're just jelly that you don't have one!
Girl one: *cries*
by BMFFSforev February 19, 2013
Best Mexican Friend Forever
Do you know Jose, from East LA? That guy's my bmff
by Greg Sanders April 08, 2007
Something you send to someone you want to have sexual relations with.
BMFF = Be My Fuck Friend
by dramadiva March 24, 2011