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When an irritating or outspoken person, a noob, gets dissed in an argument taking place in the comment section of an online article, instant messenger, or even twitter. When you're able to take a persons ideology, especially someone you disagree with, and punctuate their comment with a punchline; turning their opinion into a joke. One can get blurned anywhere text is involved; even bathroom grafitti can be blurned. A textual insult.
KoolKat06: Denying God is the only unforgivable sin - Atheists suck and are going to hell!

ShadowXXX: In a world with 10,000 Gods, we're all atheists, I just believe in one less God then you.

Blurn the troll.

The noob is blurning.

That fool got blurned!
by Ballistic2010 September 02, 2010
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