To expel air from the penis.

Similar to a fart or queef.
person 1: dude what's that smell
person 2: sorry i just blurfed
person 1: oh that's hot
by DangerCloud March 07, 2011
Top Definition
1. an expletive used to express disdain or annoyance

2. anything and everything
1. Blurf! I just got a dirty sanchez!

by T and POPO April 15, 2007
1. Not having the ability to hold you liquor. This generally leads to the loss of potential lays and newly made friends. As for old friends, well hopefully they drank as much as you and no one will remember it in the morning.
Tim: Did you get that chicks number dude?
Jay: Nah, that tequila totally kicked my ass and i blurfed all over her.
by S in the MRS August 06, 2007
a multifaceted word that can be used to express a bad situation, unusual event, or unfortunate circumstance. As well as an enthusiastic response to a question. The response can be good or bad.
That exam was blurf.
Do you wanna see that movie? Response: Blurf.
The scene where the main character died was blurf.
What she said the other night was blurf.
by maximumfx November 08, 2010
"what have you been doing all day?"
"gawker, boing boing, perez hilton, you know..."
"you spent all day blurfing!?!"
by aleksg August 06, 2008
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