An adjectival noun from the name Blunt, an outwardly gay lecturer who lures female students with his homosexuality, and then pounces like a sexual predator.Faux-gayness.
Usually used in the following manner:
" I went out last night and pulled a Blunty, she really fell for the 'this is the first time i've ever pulled one of my students'line"
by Fraulein Schmidt January 20, 2005
Top Definition
marijuana cigars (blunts) created by hollowing out a philly blunt or other cigar, packing the shell full of bud, licking thoroughly to seal, and cooking before lighting...thats how you get retarded.
yo cienzo, lets start off summer with a bang...spark some blunties, pack the cooler, and hit the beach.
by bdollaz May 25, 2006
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