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The alter ego of Bluntfire, and one cool cat. Bluntfool always dresses in the coolest clothes, has all the friends, and scores all the chicks. Bluntfool is too cool to care how much he screws you over, you'll always go back on your knees begging for forgiveness. Bluntfool is always high. You can usually spot Bluntfool at parties with your girlfriend.
Example 1:
Geoff: Hey Bluntfool.
BF: Hey Geoff!
Geoff: Stop charging so much for your flasks
BF: Hey...whaa?
Geoff: Are you high again?
BF: Maybe.

Example 2:
BF: Is it hot out or is it just me?
Thousands of screaming girls: OMG BLUNTFOOL
BF: Hello la-
by Kraftdinner June 27, 2009
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