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Geographically specific driving loop Utilized for the smoking of the Marijuana blunt on a beautiful day. This loop usually takes up the perfect amount of time to smoke a blunt, and provides you with backroad privacy to avoid pigs
Me- Herman, its so nice out i dont wanna just smoke gravity bongs in the basement all day.

Herman-Lets go on a blunt ride... paradise lake loop sound good?

Me-Hell yea man i love that loop, just enough time for a fatty, and we never see piggies
by Jigga Jerm April 27, 2006
driving around while blazin
"u tryin to go for a blunt ride yo?"
by sexiebethie April 07, 2005
Driving around while smoking a blunt. Usually taken place on a back road to avoid cops or excessive traffic. Preferably done on a loop that allows for adequate time to smoke while still ending up where you originally came from.
I just got my license back, what do you want to do?
I'm tryna get a little cloudy, let's go on a blunt ride.

We went on a four hour blunt ride, stopping at Sheetz twice, and then sat at a park blowing bubbles for an hour.
by Chief Master December 15, 2009