a gargantuan obese slab of fat/lard, located specifically on a girl, sometimes boy. often described as a paunchy whale. a blunderbuss is often found drunk in the hottub, at the mall trying to pick up boys, at the back of shows trying to be "scene", (you can always find it eating in any situation including these i have described), a blunderbuss will also buy shit from bands it has never heard of and then later say they hate the band. a blunderbuss is very very very very ugly/fat/fake/emo. he/she will cut themselves and take pix of it and put it on myspace to look "cool". she, i mean it, will take any guy or girl he/she can get. EVEN IF THE GUY IS FROM GEORGIA AND THE BLUNDERBUSS LIVES IN MICHIGAN!!! usually a blunderbuss will think its the shit and think everyone else is below them.
so pretty much to sum it all up, a blunderbuss is a fat fake emo stalker =D...feel free to add if you feel the need to =]
a blunderbuss looks like voluptuous whale.

or this...
itwont let me put pix so just search blunderbuss on photobucket =]
by pce nukka February 18, 2008
Top Definition
big old medieval ancestor of the shotgun used by the original colonial gangstas.
Looks like a trumpet that you stuff with gunpowder.
Duke of Haphazard : Hand over your gold and jewellery, damn wench, before i blunderbuss your ass into oblivion!
Damn wench : No sirrah, may the good lord protect me, take all o' me booty...
by Flying Fandango March 12, 2006
a person regarded as clumsy and stupid; an insensitive, blundering person
that smelly irish kid living in 6c4 is a real blunderbuss
by Brett Ouimet April 18, 2007
A pair of extremely large breasts, particularly ones that are disproportionate to the rest of the woman's body.
Have you seen Kelly? She's a tiny girl, but man, she's got a pair of blunderbusses on her like you wouldn't believe!
by M-M-B May 30, 2008
An uncharacteristic error, usually made by the goalkeeper or defensive line whilst playing FIFA that generally leads to conceding a goal.
Guy 1: Check out this awesome backheel to my keeper...
Guy 2: Haa burrrn! Blunderbuss! Blunderbuss! You've got a one way ticket on the Blunder Bus.
Guy 2: Eat a dick.
by dom January 22, 2013
A mass shooting.
There was a blunderbuss at Umpqua Community College where nine students were killed.
by Josheedo November 19, 2015
1:A Big Ass Mofuckin Gat
2:A gun capable of relieving fools without much aimin
Honky#1:Damn, look at dat playa's gat!!
Honky#2:Dat ain't no gat that's a blunderbuss foo!! Run Bitch Run!!
by Drew January 15, 2003
while having sex and without warning, one person stands up, shits in their own hand, and throws it at the other.
I surprised her last night with a blunderbuss.
by acmesmith April 09, 2005

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