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A doubtful issue, comment, or action. A thing or person with which you don't want to be personally associated. The state or condition of being blummified. salmagundi fubsy
I cannot agree with the sort of blummis you're putting out, Mr. Bush!

More of the same, Bushie-baby? Non, merci, as for me, I'd rather blummis.

The bowl of blummis they served him was neither appropriately hot nor was it coated with the goose-fat one traditionally expects.

I saw him and his eyes were blummis with drug droopies.
by Terebinth P. Lumquat January 24, 2007
a blummis is a portmanteau word which can have many meanings like aloha in Hawaiian or shalom in Hebrew. It is a placeholder when you can't think of the mot juste, as in "what's that thing? you know, the, the, the blummis on the end of the whoojeewocker?"

Or it can be a reminder of the alphabet like, "you know, B, B as in Blummis"

Or a part of your anatomy, "Keep your hands off my blummis!"

Or a verb that can be used in mixed company, "Let's go somewhere and blummis, darling."
Kiss my blummis.
I gotta blummis.
by Irene Kastoflajjer July 09, 2006
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