Crazy ass humper of men, whos dick gets hurt. This hurt can be attributed from biting or extreme humping. Sometimes the bite of his dick leaves a blue scar.
You here about Dave Slaytans dick?
Na dude, no homo, he got Blue Tipped.
DAMN, how?!
Bitch bit his dick.
by SKEET AND GREET April 30, 2008
Top Definition
A person who likes the same sex, a homosexually person, a gay person, A code word for a gay person.
Those two guys are BlueTips. I think that girl is a BlueTip, I seen her with another girl.
by Dubai(icelisktick) July 21, 2010
One whose penis is configured in an elliptical manner so as to cut of the circulation of blood to the tip of the penis causing discoloration.
John: "Wow, at basketball practice today Grant's sack was hanging out and he had such a blue tip."
by Choobzor 101 October 19, 2006
Old women who travel with tour groups. So noted because of their hair color.
Yeah, I've got a load of Blue Tips coming in from Clearwater tomorrow.
by toniwithaneye October 10, 2006
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