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An appropriate term for Viagra.
The crazy old Texan Vietnam vet we gave an MRI to today asked if we could put in a porn for him to watch during the scan. To which I responded "no sir we need minimal movement from you for optimal results". He said "Don't worry son, I haven't had my blue thunder today yet."
#viagra #woody #hard-on #boner #mri #penis
by fjordy December 20, 2005
The act of making sweet, sweet love to a dolphin's blowhole.
"Man, I was once a lonely fisherman, floating on the seven seas in solitary gloom. Then I discovered Blue Thunder! Never before has my tackle seen such fare!"
#sailor #dolphin #sex #act #blowhole
by Murfatron/Phil/Kyle/Paul. June 06, 2006
A double headed dildo that has become an iconic figure on the Bulldawgs bench every week.
Dan wasnt having a good day at the plate until he licked blue thunder and got a taste of the good ol' days.
#blue #thunder #dildo #doubleheader #sexytime
by mikereeno October 16, 2011
Slang term for a police helicopter
hey look at the blue thunder coming to arrest us
#helicopter #thunder #blue #police #cops
by jtoen August 30, 2009
(n)Blue thunder means 'Fuck off'. Shortened version of the well known phrase "Blue thunder, Fuck off!"
Sam: "Jack are you still working at Crows nest?"
Jack: "Blue thunder, fuck off!"
#insult #fuck #off #blue #thunder
by UKJuggalizzo October 10, 2005
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