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place of orgin: english ebonics
pronunciation: {ba-loo may-gaa man}
definition: noun: new,fresh,peezy,hyphyvery up and coming westcoast hip hop term that began with a hella cool guy, ME! JUST PLAYIN. anywayz given 2 more years, it will common hip hop terms like bi-atch or nigga or black buck rogers or even sierra-dubbbb. ok, it really is just the slang term for the percription pill called valium. this pill can give you restful sleep, perfect anti-axiety medication, the meat in a blue cheese sandwich, but most importantly, if combined with yellow mega man also known as norco, you will transform into super ultra mega man!
hey man, i am feeling slow motion cousin! that blue mega man got me floored. but it's friday, i dont got to work tomorrow, i think im turn into super ultra mega man tonight! rock on!
by flava b January 01, 2009
Valium. anxiety or muscle relaxant medicine.
im so glad i'm home from work. i need a couple blue mega man & a beer, then i'll be cool. i gotta catch up with my sleep.
by flava b (bernie mac) November 20, 2008
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