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derogatory term for persons of European ancestry, specifically northern European ancestry
by Paul Thundergod July 10, 2003
White People
White People Blue Eyed Devil
by Crackah Hater June 06, 2011
a pseudo-racist slur about white people-similar to whitey, whiteboy, cracker, red-neck, white-trash, honkey, etc. However, since it is directed at white people it is by definition not a racial slur, but can be said freely by Persident Barack Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Carlos Mencia, George Lopez, Geraldo Rivera, NAACP, LULAC, etc. without anybody calling them on it.
yo Javier-the damn blue-eyed devil boss Preston didn't give us that quarterly raise or bonus he done promised us in our paychecks for all of our back-breaking hard work. Somebody's mint Jaguar is gonna get keyed all up tonight , Holmes! hehe
by busterboner May 24, 2010

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