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signaling call used in pick-up American football games
"blue 42, blue 42, hut, hut..."
by mattybo September 30, 2007
when a peson tackles another person out of nowhere, possibly over a couch or something like that, often starting a full on brawl
i will blue 42 you!!
by blue 42! blue 42! December 29, 2011
when you and your friends are hanging out and you plan to mess with one of the guys, you all make a plan. Then one person yells out BLUE42, and the person you were going to mess with get's his pants pulled down!
BLUE 42, BLUE 42......
then run up to the guy and take his pants down!
by Suzy~Q April 02, 2005
one who is extremely good looking
preferebly male
Oh! That Asian-Metro guy is such a blue 42! I'm having an orgasm just watching him!
by Arie October 02, 2004

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