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beat, pummel, usually with a large hard object.
Then this kid tried to steal my decks; so I bludgeoned him to death with one of my Tech 1200's.
by Sinepunk Macgyver June 30, 2003
81 9
To beat with a club or other blunt object
She wouldn't suck my dick so i bludgeoned her wiht my cock.
by MEEEE July 28, 2003
44 19
the act of beating with a short object (normally a club)
Man! The cops bludgeoned the shit out of that guy when they arrested him.
by russian123 January 11, 2011
12 0
When one swings are large, heavy object in attempt to injure one or more person(s).
Holy shit! Johnny just bludgeoned that crazy old man in the neck with a giant club, rupturing his esophagus!
by Dana McCollins December 27, 2004
55 45
It's a informal term, usually used in the world of business to beat heavily especially in a competition , or an argument.

When you bludgeon sb you thrash him , you're a winner.
We bludgeoned those guys with a big stick of evidence!
by lear87 July 19, 2009
11 2
Derived from the american 'blud' and the english 'brethren' meaning a group of close brothers.

An upper-class method of speaking to commoners and trying to 'fit in'.
Person telling story: 'Me and my bludgeon got together on sunday after church'

Lady Smith: 'excuse my dear bludgeon, could you possibly direct me to Harrods?'
by Genoliv February 28, 2010
7 7
Smartphone synonym for hardon (erection).
Me: I'm thinking about going for a pedicure wearing a short shirt with nothing underneath.

You: Well you will have had their full attention and get a free pedicure for sure. I would have had a big bludgeon the entire time :)
You: *buldge. Stupid smart phone !!!
by rfancy June 06, 2012
1 5