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A fat japanese woman.
Look at blubblub over there eating sushi.
by Mio May 22, 2003
The sound of the number two electronics company in America (Circuit City Inc.) going under.
That ship is going down. *Blub blub.*
by B. Burgess November 11, 2008
a phenomanal word very commonly used when bored of witch the definition is not yet made up.
yo,jenny wats up???
blub blub

im bored.
blub blub

whats rong with your fish?
blub blub.
by weeza89410 April 17, 2009
what a fat person sounds like when rolling in chips (:
james; i have a need to roll in chips

lucie; well dnt, you'd either squish them or make a blub blub sound
by jimbooooo (: April 17, 2009
Blub Blub is commonly referred to as the fat or fat rolls on an animal (usually dogs), it is usually located around the neck where theres access skin and fat.
Ben: That dog is sooo Blub Blub
Nils: i know its almost as obese as Ritz!
by HTMLBoy11 June 13, 2011
1. frustration due to the opposite sex. to be used in place of a swear word.

2. swearing off boys/girls forever (or at least claiming to)
Man, she/he screwed me over for the last time. Blub blub for life! I'll see YOU in the dirt.
by Chelsea brah August 27, 2003

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