Top Definition

1. An expression of affection
2. Crying uncontrollably
3. Nothing at all
1- Person 1: Hi.

Person 2: Blubby! *glomps*

2- Person 1: My sister's rabbit died.

Person 2; That's really sad.

Person 1: I'm so blubby now.

3- Person 1: I hate you

Person 2: That's blubby.
by Young Kitsune May 24, 2009
big blubbery boobies.
"i lieks eet when yer blubbies jiggle while yer chimi shashas on my rolled taco...yes. that is what i lieks."
by king cuntzia July 27, 2006
-new slang term for blowjob
Dude i was totally hammered last night and some chick gave me a blubby!
by Dasvid!!! May 26, 2009
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