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the name of a statement that causes anger/happiness even though the statement is false on a major networking site, or a statement that confuses other people and causes pointless emotional reaction.
Person #1: "Obama will buy me a car if i vote for him"
Person #2: "Your bloyab just made you look like an idiot"
P1: "Me and (insert name here) are getting married after dating for 4 weeks and are going to be happy for the rest of our lives!"
P2: "You're an idiot, and quit saying bloyabs that just frustrate people"
P1: "Fox News is not a conservative network"
P2: "That bloyab just cost you your say in any future argument"
P1: "I just bought a penguin from Joe down the street and when i brought him home he lit up a smoke and kicked me in the nuts"
P2: "Wtf?"
P1: "Marijuana is a drug"
P1: "The Holocaust never happened"
P2: "Careful now, that bloyab could earn you a punch to the face from an old jewish guy, or a palestinian"
P1: "Racism no longer exists"
P2: "you are an official bloyaber"
P1: "Iran does not have any nuclear weapons"
P2: "(screaming) Ahh!! we have a nuclear bloyaber! run!"
by TheFatPlatypus April 15, 2010
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