When your mouth wrinkles are looking like a hound dog from so much blow jobs which requires BLOWTOX for wrinkle filler.
"Dann, you need to stop giving so much head or get yourself some BLOWTOX for those blow wrinkles around your mouth"!
by McNaughty Meat Curtains February 12, 2010
Top Definition
verb: The act of taking a male orgasm in the face (also known as a facial or a cumshot) for stictly cosmetic purposes.
noun: using semen on the face as a skin care regimen to tighten and revitalize skin, minimizing the apearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
v. "I was going down on Jake the other day and he totally gave me blowtox."

n. "Mary, you're skin looks so fresh and taut. What's you're secret?"


by Suzy Sweetpockets July 21, 2008
When a person has had so much cum on their face that it no longer moves when they smile.
james: Did you see that bukakke movie the other night?
john: yeah man that chick got blowtox alright!
by invalidrecord June 27, 2009
The art of blowing a dick until it is wrinkle-free and smooth
Blowtox me until my dick looks like it came from the dry cleaner
by Misohorny August 22, 2014
The short term pout a woman is left with after sucking dick.
Hey Jenny why are u pulling a duck face?
I'm not, its the blowtox left from when I hoovered your stem an hour ago.
by Oh Mugs March 17, 2016

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