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Emitting a huge cloud of smoke from your mouth without much force while smoking out of a hookah. A good rule of thumb for when you have blown a donkey is when you cannot see beyond the huge cloud in front of your face.

Info: Hookahs are notorious for allowing the user to take massive hits that produce a lot of smoke. You will not be able to blow a donkey with a cigarette, nor will you be able to blow donkeys from a pipe. It just doesn't happen.
"Damn, look at Derek. He's blowing donkeys!"

Can also be used in part:" Come on Tony, rip a donkey"

Can also be used without the G: "Evan is blowin' donkeys"

Can also be messed with in terms of tense: "Lauren just blew a huge donkey!"
by Nick Beez July 12, 2006
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