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A cake which has previously had candles in it which were blown out with no regard for good hygiene or the fact that we're not 8 years old anymore.
I heard there was cake in the conference room but it's Doron's birthday and they put candles in it and he blew all over it and I sure as hell ain't eating his blowcake.
by imrickjames March 23, 2011
Breakfast in bed, consisting of pancakes and oral sex. The two need not be enjoyed simultaneously.
"My lover gave me blowcakes this morning. He's amazing!"
"You know, pancakes and oral."
"Oh... What kind of pancakes?"
"Is that really important?"
"It'd make or break it for me."
"Blueberry, then."
"Ok, I approve."
by God of cake January 14, 2012
A small birthday cake purchased in additional to the regular cake. This cake is used to absorb the spittle blown when the celebrant blows out the candles, leaving the actual birthday cake uncontaminated so that all guests may enjoy it.
We had better get a blow cake for Uncle Lester's birthday so that he doesn't ruin everyone's cake like last year.
by The Chicago Kid June 18, 2011
A blow cakes is when ur cooking pancakes when ur getting a blow jay froM ur gf:)
Dam son I was gettin a blow cakes the other day and it was amazing!!
by pooter man May 16, 2010
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