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The act of putting a balloon, water balloon size preferably, in another persons anus and then blowing it up with mouth or straw until it pops, causing extensive amounts of pleasure.
"What happened to jimmy?"
"I don't know, ever since that blowbob at that party he received, he hasn't been the same."
by Pimp Daddy Jenkins October 19, 2013
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blowbob is a when one recieves a blowjob while watching spongebob.
Dude, she gave me a blowbob while I was watching my favorite episode!
by quincy55 November 29, 2010
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The act of reviving a blowjob while watching an episode of SpongeBob.
Guy 1:"Man I got a blowbob today!"
Guy 2: "Really, what episode was it?"
Guy 3: "Episode 42"
by FabledEnigma August 26, 2015
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The act of reviving a blowjob while watching sponge bob.
Tristan: Yo man I got a blowbob today!
Dylan: Woah man, what episode?
Tristan: 32.
by FabledEnigma August 27, 2015
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