Shounen-ai, Yaoi. Basically boy-love. Gay love between men, etc. Generally used when referring to Manga, Anime, J-rock/pop singers/bands, and Visual Kei artists.
'Did you read the newest Love Pistols?'
'I did, that manga has so much blove in it!'

'Miyavi is so into Blove.'

'Gackt's into Blove too, with Hyde.'
by Pirate Soul (Yaoi Fangirl) September 14, 2008
Top Definition
buh-lah-vuh. Big love. To love someone more than love, but in a bigger and/or more significant way. Reserved for special partners.
I blove you; blove (as a saluation in a letter or email)
by andyinnyc October 03, 2006
Blove is the mash up of bloody love. The act of "blove making" refers to intercourse during a woman's period.
My girlfriend is on her period this week. I guess I'm in for some blove making.
by MsHahLee March 12, 2014
Love between people on BlogTv, the love shared is generally Platonic.
Blove is shared between blog friends. I Blove all of you.
by Ghost6989 April 11, 2009
Better-love. Having stronger feelings for someone than just love. Term reserved for partners who are extremely corny and have a history of camping under the influence of Jungle Juice.
(usually yelled in different accents consistently for several minutes)
by Blover April 19, 2009
A creature that preys upon women's emotions and genitals in the late evening and early morning in the greater Boston area. Frequently seen with a man asking for women's shoes.
Petey's sistah went out to the bahs last weekend and was deflowahed by Blove.
by Tony Bartling April 21, 2003
Similar to 'love,' but reserved more for platonic love between very close friends.
"I blove you, homie."
by Jack June 17, 2003
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