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To love someone in an "I don't want to do you" kind of way.
Jimmy's love for Brandon is platonic.
by Hey Dude January 31, 2006
1) An emotionally and socially, but not sexually, involved relationship.

2) Nowadays, often a term for a friendship between a man and a woman which doesn't include a sexual element.

3) A friendship that lasts for as long as it takes for some twats to establish rumours about how the man wants to have off with the woman.
Platonic relationships often don't work because people become hellbent on ending them, on the assumption that they don't work, or because they are just jealous.
by fwe22 May 17, 2006
A word often used to crush any hope of a possible future relationship due to compleet lack of physical intrest. It is often an unrequited feeling, making it a one sided platonic relationship.
My mother does not believe in platonic relationships, but they must exsist, because I have you.
by pseudonym June 27, 2004
an emotinally and socially intimate, non-sexual relationship, often between two men. attributed to the greek philosopher plato, who deemed platonic friendships to be the most evolved type of love.
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
Completely and totally ::just friends::
Kevin talks to me all the time, so my friend thinks he likes me. But I've told her again and again, it's just platonic.
by broadway* February 02, 2006
1. The tendency of women to develop close friendships with their male acquaintances, thereby pre-emptively eliminating any possibility of a romantic relationship, the result of which is to remove the poor schmuck's heart and shred it

2. The process by which attractive and otherwise eligible women, when faced by proffered declarations of romantic interest by a male acquaintance, destroy the ego and spirit of said acquaintance by declaring that they only want to be "friends."
Typical response from a female to a male in a platonic relationship:

"I have feelings for you too, I don't want to do anything that could jeopardize our friendship. You're like a brother to me."
by pimpdady May 09, 2006
1)a close relationship without sex:noun form

2)without sex:adj. form
Sally and Jim have a platonic relationship.
by writer54 July 26, 2008
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