the way really fat people walk. A combination between walking, bouncing, blobbing. The person doing it looks like they're falling down a steep hill
I'll just BLOUNCE over to the fridge to get my usual 76 packets of crisps, 428 slices of american cheese, 4 lb bucket of lard, 183 suspicious looking sasuages, and 382 pots of 99.999% lard pots of clotted cream. kristy edgerton does/says this
by bread infection October 21, 2005
Top Definition
An ounce of weed rolled up in one or more blunt wrappers.
Curly and I smoked this fat blounce last night, you should have been there man.
by Jumpsuit July 28, 2010
when you blaze, and then bounce on a trampoline. a source of infinite jokes times
easy homes, feel to come blounce round my yard tonight?
by Judge Fudge September 20, 2006
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