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a faggot pussy ass bitch that thinks hes an amazing skate boarder. he truthfully sucks large dick. he thinks hes a pimp but hes actually a blimp. he pms.
did you see that kid faceplant at the skatepark?
yeah he was a straight up blouin.
by v to the c July 10, 2008
a fag that no one likes or can trust someone that everyone just wants to beat the crap out of
Total gay wad with a dick that moves to the side and person who cannot keep a secret and everyone hates him. also describes a guy that is a cock sucker a blouin cannot be anyone cool they are gay untrustworthy wigger faggs also they are wiggers
by chitownboi June 22, 2008
useless, pointless, unnecessary
Communications class is a Blouin class. Who the hell majors in it?
by Denis Pederson April 13, 2010