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The Ancient Greek term "มั่นเหมาะน่าพิศวง", rooting from the Latin word "majestetiske" used to describe something of stunningly majestic and awe-inspiring features. This word is also used to describe someone who has a natural voice for singing and, oddly enough, someone who is very good at memorizing the anatomy of the human being.
Jennifer: "God she is so blossfeld. I'm so jealous. I'm going to go spill hot soup on her!"

Gloria: "Great idea. Then she wont make us look bad because of our narrow vocal range and our low human anatomy and physiology test scores!"

Jennifer: "I'm going to go kill myself!"

Gloria: "What about the soup?"

Jennifer: *gurgles and drowns in bowl of hot soup*

Gloria: "Oh well, she was a bitch anyway."

the end yay
by cya2ndblockYo May 04, 2009
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