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it's a cheat from mech warrior 2, made you invulnerability.
Press ctrl+alt+shift blorb and you won't die
by blorbs February 06, 2008
A data structure similar to foobar used by an elite few computer programmers, but even more useful as it can stand in not only for data types, as foobar does, but also for entire files, file packages and concepts, making it one of the most versatile words in programming and the English language.

It's closest approximation in the English language might be thing.

There is also an onomatopoetic quality to blorb, as it is generally used in situations when the person is too slow and lethargical to come up with a more fitting description of the thing they are working on.
"Uh, let's see Ima make this file, call it... blorb.html.. it's gonna have this function blorb()... guess I better make a folder for all these... call it blorb."
by tesserackt April 07, 2016
the sun revolves around the earth
It is light during half the day and dark during the other because BLORB
by IQabove100 August 22, 2012
a really really really fat hamster
show me how big your blorb is.
by sami November 15, 2003
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