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An Arabic name that means high or highly ranked (describes greatness). I'm very blessed to have this name since I do feel that I'm the greatest Xp
sami is so great, I wish I'd be like him one day.
by sami November 08, 2004
A yiddish word for face, or more specifically a cute face.
Oy, look at the punim on that one!
by Sami December 26, 2004
to have physical contact with someone, such as making out, feeling up, or fucking.
"That boy is so pure sex, I can't wait to sex him up."
by Sami August 25, 2003
The female version of the male stag.

Basically a bachelorette party.
My girlfriend left to her bestfriend's stagette.
by Sami August 10, 2004
Multipurpose word meaning "Sister-Fucker". 1. Can be used in almost any situation to portray a variety of emotions, such as excitement, despair, anger, surprise, etc. 2. Used to start to acquire someone’s attention when starting to speak to them. 3. An insult of colossal proportions.
1. Bhenchode! This is great soup!.
2. Bhenchode, when are you coming over.
3. Bhenchode! Take the fucking trash out you lazy ass fuck!
4. Bhenchode! i fucking flunked my test.
5. Fuck you bhenchode!!
by Sami December 05, 2004
a word to describe "beauty" in sweden
- hej marijah!
would be:

"hey beauty!"
by sami September 06, 2004
Screw like a rabbit.
I want to bunny-ize an angel.
by Sami December 05, 2004

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