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A nick-named noun otherwise known as XBox 360 Achievements, referring to the sound that one's television makes as the achievement is displayed at the top of the t.v.
*On XBox 360 headset talking over Live
Rob: Hey Patrick.....
Patrick: What?
Rob: Bloop Bloop! (Gets achievement on XBox) Haha bitches!
by jussme March 29, 2008
The type of (clean) bowel movement where the excrement are tiny and ball-shaped, resulting in a “bloop-bloop” sound when they break the surface of toilet water. When more of these droppings are released in a continuous and repetitive fashion, the longer the bloop-bloop will be. Some bloop-bloops are known to cause such splashes that will spray toilet water back up the rectum of the depositor. This is known as toilet backdraft.
My doodie made a bloop-bloop and tickled my asshole with cold water.
by MehsMehs June 03, 2005
Bloop Bloops occur sometimes during a women's menstrual cycle. They are the heavy clots that are passed during their heaviest days during the cycle.

Bloop Bloops can also refer to the sound that they make make when the clots fall into the toilet. The term can also refer to the condition she has during this time, "I got the bloop bloops."
Bloop Bloops can also be compared to what a passed clot may look like, a "bloop bloop."
bloop bloops
by pegasys March 15, 2009
putting a dudes wang in your mouth then taking it out. A quick action. bloop-bloop.
"Yo did you give that dude head? Nah girl I just bloop-blooped him. Just to give him a taste of what it's like."
by J.Ho December 17, 2007
Manuel is so effin bloop bloop.

The puppy is bloop bloop.
by yo_noods April 19, 2009
Slang word used for taking a dump; shit; dookie.
Man, I gotta take a bloop-bloop.
by Moofa$a May 15, 2007
Machine gun shits, or the rapid fire shits.
Damn nigga, i ate sum white castles and now i gotta bloop-bloop.
by i mhu ngli keah ors e June 13, 2005
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