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1. adj. Describes someone or something that epitomizes the negative physical feelings of and associations with a bloody asshole and the causes thereof (i.e. itchy, annoying, bleeding).

2. adj. Having the qualities of a not-nice person.

British: Bleeding-asshole.
1. Jimmy: That bloody-asshole presidential candidate wants to return the country to totalitarianism.

Sheik Frederick: Quite true, old chap, but your whole bleeding-asshole political system lacks coherence altogether, then. Doesn't it?

2. Shut up, you bloody-asshole not-nice person!
by Andrew Swanson August 29, 2008
A british term meaning the same as the American word "asshole".
British guy one: Ello there chap, u seen that bloody asshole Tom?
British guy two: I did there mate, he's such a douche.
by beastlyfbplaya51 May 08, 2010
When one takes his finger and makes a whole in a roll, while adding ketchup into that hole. After which, eating it in a interesting manner.
Dude, did you see Kasey eat that bloody asshole? Yeah most of the ketchup squeezed out of the back.
by Anal Train November 19, 2009
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