Snorting a line of coke while having a nosebleed.
It was 7am on Monday, and the only thing that was going to get me to work after the weekend was a bloody mary.
by BloodyMolly September 14, 2011
When you get pulled over when you have your period and you have a bag of weed on you so you quickly stash it under your bloody pad.
What we smokin?
Bloody Mary brahhh
...You got pulled over again?
by BloodyMidget February 16, 2011
v. A tactic where one person flips another person over, pulls their pants down, spanks their bare ass with a bundle of celery until the cheeks turn a bright red and finish by shoving a single stick of celery in the pooper. Typically used in self-defense or as a practical joke.

Refer to alcoholic beverage "Bloody Mary".
Erik: "Holy shit! did you see Andy fight that guy yesterday? He Bloody Mary'd the hell out of him!"

Bobby: "Yeah! It was the greatest thing ever!"
by Zazzles August 05, 2011
When your girlfriend gets teeth pulled mainly or is bleeding from the mouth in general and she gives u head
I got the bloody mary last night after the opperation.. the gauze didnt stop much of the bleeding
by Reegy F. April 08, 2011
Several meanings/roots in Britain. The most common reference being to the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots who was beheaded because she was Catholic after the creation of the Anglican church. The majority of English lords betrayed the strong claim to the line of royal succession in order not become subject the Catholic church again - partially out of fear of penalties the Catholic Church was likely to impose and partially because of royal marriages the Catholic Church was arranging to take power out of Britain. Thus all sort sof bad things are implied including betrayal and major turmoil, war, personal disaster, and a violent messy solution.

Alternatively British blasphemy -- which says The Virgin Mary was not a virgin as in Mary was bloody from her ruptured hymen. Of course such a blasphemy means you are going straight to hell having denied Christ is God's son. Thus Bloody Hell refers to huge disaster and misfortune. This form is seldom the sense used today - but when it is there is an implication that the Church or Christianity or God is at fault.
Bloody Mary, they did it again! They assassinated Lady Di for planning to marry into Al-Quaeda.
by dudelookslikeachimp January 22, 2008
You go find a girl who is on her period, while she is letting lose blood, grab a cup and put it under her vagina. After almost all the way full drink your new one of a kind tomato juice drink.
Hey man wanna go play "Bloody Mary"?
The one with the creepy lady in the mirror?
No the one with the cup'n'vagina man!
by Sac War Master August 11, 2010
It is a sexual move which involves the man having sex with a woman when she is on her period and he fingers and/or fists her asshole as the same time until that bleeds so she is bleeding on him from two different spots.
Hey, Joe did you hear that Brooks gave Mackenzie a bloody mary last night at the party?
Wow that fool is nasty.
by Maximus Padimus June 10, 2010

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