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A game when 2 people punch each others knuckles until one of them gives up. Some people play until their knuckles are bleeding like crazy.
I played Charlie Bloody Knuckles and I broke his hand.
by Jingling March 15, 2004
a scene game played by majority of high schoolers at lunch. How to play: slide a nickel or penny or quarter at another persons hands that are on the ground, like an ape. They're knuckles should be down, and they will get hurt. fun game. totally br00tal.
played bloody knuckles today, now im sore.
by samanthaaaaa April 30, 2008
When 2 girls are each on their period and scissor each other.
Jen and Pam were both on the rag, and horned up for eachother, so they got into scissor position and bumped the bloody knuckle.
by KNuckle PUck April 23, 2010
Adolescent game involving two participants sitting opposite each other at a small table. Taking turns, a quarter is spun and one of the players attempts to catch it upright with one finger. Achieving this, said player will fling the quarter at his opponent's knuckles which are pressed firmly against the table. If the player is unable to catch the quarter in the above mentioned manner, his turn is over.

The first player to either give up or bleed is the loser.

Note: Various coins may be substituted from small to large. The quarter is recommended, however, due to its mass, serrated edge, and relative ease of catching. In skilled hands, it is capable of delivering a one shot KO.
Scott and Greg were playing bloody knuckles in the cafeteria.
by pinkpanzer December 13, 2011
To fist a girl while she is on her period.
Oh man, my girlfriend was on her period so I gave her a bloody knuckle.
by Ninjawrestler November 12, 2008
Sexual act, one participant must be standing erect and female. The other member is on there knees adjacent to the persons side. Then with one hand in a “angry fist” shove into the vagina. With the other with a “loving fist” gently lift into the anus. After both hands are fully inserted (THE WHOLE FIST MUST BE INSERTED BEYOND THE WRIST) the member will play bloody knuckles with themselves. This move may be done with two members.
fisting with bloody knuckles
by Justin "GATOR'' MH March 02, 2011
What one gets after extensive fisting of a menstruating cooter.
Gian was forced to wash his bloody knuckles after fiercely fisting his fatass heavy loaded girl's menstruating vag.
by prashanth September 25, 2007
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