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A 17 caliber rimfire load introduced by Hornady in the early 2000's. Boasting high muzzle velocities, flat trajectories, and devastatingly frangible bullets, the 17 HMR quickly proved itself as the best rimfire round ever produced for small varmint hunting and target shooting. HMR stands for Hornady Magnum Rimfire.
My 17 HMR shoots sub minute-of-angle groups out to 200 yards on a calm day. Winds add considerable difficulty considering the lightweight 20 gr bullets.
by PinkPanzer March 18, 2011
If it looks clean, it is. Refers to quickly washing dishes and utensils with just water while using hands to scrap off food particles. Often satisfactory for busy and exhausted college students.
The students were too busy studying to do chores so they gave the dishes a college clean.
by PinkPanzer February 28, 2011
Not far. Easily within reach. Relatively shorter than a stone's throw.
200 yards is a cherry pit spit for a .50 BMG

New York to Chicago is a cherry pit spit for a Boeing 747
by pinkpanzer December 10, 2011
A common practice of selling firearms in an informal setting without submitting the purchaser to a background check. Surprisingly, it is perfectly legal in most places for rifles and shotguns but handguns are usually prohibited (considering statistics, rifles and shotguns are used in a small percentage of crime).

GMH makes purchasing old or used guns at shows or flea markets a breeze. However, you must always fill out paperwork to purchase new firearms from a dealer.
Gun Money Handshake:
Guy: Wow, M1 Garands! How much for this one?

Old Guy: $800 please.

Guy: <pays> Here you go.

Old Guy: Pleasure doing business.

Background check:
Guy: Cool, the new Bushmaster ACR! I'll take it!

Dealer: Have a seat and fill out this paperwork, please.

<15 mins>

Dealer: <calls insta-check hotline, guy is clear> That'll be $2,715.34 with tax and $20 transfer fee.

Guy: <pays>

Dealer: Pleasure doing business.
by PinkPanzer November 26, 2011
Backyard full contact football-type game played with a massive exercise ball. Traditionally, Dextir is played in the snow (the more the better) with all 4-8 players in full snow attire.

To play, designate two end zones. One team kicks off to the other, which then has one play to score. After which, the teams switch roles and kick off from the end zones again.
There's nothing more fun than a game of Dextir to wear you out during a blizzard.
by PinkPanzer May 02, 2011
When firing a gun for extended periods of time, the barrel becomes so hot that rounds in the chamber ignite from the ambient heat instead of from the firing pin striking the primer. Cook offs are dangerous because they rarely occur immediately after loading the round and because it's impossible to tell when or if it will happen.
My AR-15 barrel was smoking half-way through the torture test, so I dipped it in water to avoid any potential ammunition cook offs.
by PinkPanzer December 21, 2010
The amount of powder in a shotgun round. A higher number means more powder, more pressure, higher velocity, and sharper recoil. Loads designed for hunting have higher dram equivalents (3.25 or more), while target shooting loads have lower ones (3 or less). Magnums can reach 4 or more.
Two seemingly identical loads do not have equal recoil. That is because of dram equivalent.
by PinkPanzer December 01, 2010

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