an expression usually used to express suprise, anger, distress, excitement and ....
1. bloody hell!! the hot dog ate my dog!
2. bloody hell... u maphacked!
3. that game is bloody hell cool!
by jarjarjar June 10, 2003
and expression used to express frustration or anxiety. Made popular by the Buffy the vampire slayer's series character Spike. Introduced by the Brits.
*bangs knee on corner of coffee table* Bloody Hell!
by kung fu kitty June 28, 2003
British in origin - now firmly owned by the Aussies. An expression of surprise, disgust, anger, amusement amoung some. Non-Brits and non-Aussies should be banned from ever uttering this word as it's usually over-used and mangled.

Pronounced: "Bla-dee Hell!"
"I stacked my car yesterday, mate."
"Aw, bloody hell."

"Where the bloody hell are ya?"

"I drank 22 tinnies yesterday."
"Bloody hell, mate! Didja chuck?"

by Katecake October 03, 2006
look at example
mum:why are you not at school
child: you were taking me

mum: BLOODY HELL!!!!
by glammerjammer2004 November 10, 2015
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