There is only one simple way to describe both gangs, idiots, fools, and low educated. Thats the best way to describe it. But their timeline starts off during the time the devil took a shit and then they became alive and grabbed weapons and aimed them in the wrong direction and shot a puddle of the devils piss (a.k.a. the Crips) and that caused some war. It was fucking up Hells reputation as the angels above were laughing their asses off that the devil created such stupidity. So the devil summoned the Bloods and Crips onto what was a good world.

They spread like a virus infecting the general populations. Homes were being broken into, civilians were shot (or sometimes ran away due to their horrible aim) and thus the devil watched with amusement.

Eventually, they started supporting the rap artists thus spreading them out more effeciently. The only bright side was that the government hired assasins to kill Tupac Shakur. Gang war did a drive by? Please, if they can't shoot while standing still then how the hell do they even aim through a speeding SUV? More and more rappers were being assasinated. For the good of the world. And as of 2009, they still hold some political power. Howeve,r their form of politics is rather pathetic and aren't even allowed near D.C.

It was predicted by Tom Clancy that in the year 2028 the Bloods and Crips will own both sides of Los Angelas. One side being red territory. The other being blue territory and that military measures will have to be taken. It was also suggested that by then General Radec will deal with these Blood and Crip scum.

But before then, here is how to label out Bloods and Crips.

1. The suggestive manner in which they walk.

Example: Crotch grabbing, leaning back, slumped like a gorrila.

2. Hard to understand grammar.

Example: Words such as dawg, cuz, iz, the word "be" missused. Sounds of mumbling.

If any of these become noticeable then contact the authorities immediately.

3. Lack of aim. It was studied by researchers that the Bloods and Crips aim their guns sideways for some unknown purpose. Thus, making it hard to hit their designated target.

If any of these three symptoms are shown in your neighborhood then go home and contact the authorities immediately.

If it is Bloods, the number is 800-456-BLOODDRIVE

If Crips: Call 800-211-STEAMEDCRAB

Our toll free hotline will be available 24/7 except on the Holidays of Christmas, Easter, and New Years (because on New Years we publicly execute the Bloods and Crips we capture) So please, do not hesitate to call us if necesary.

If you are a first time caller you will be offered to receive the Blood and Crips emergency button in case they are holding you hostage in your own home and/or if the phone is unatainable. This device sticks to a table, wall, or even floor and the police and if needed military will track down the source and come to your aide immediately. This device is also portable for if they come after you on the street.
"Bloods and Crips are society's worst."- General Radec on Bloods and Crips
by General Radec August 07, 2009
Top Definition
People who lack the mental power to read. Having this mental disability causes them to lash out at other people with the same disability. They have to wear colors to recognize who is on their side because they cannot tell friends from enemies. They pretend to be tough but are such big pussies they will not go anywhere without a large number of people wearing the same colors.

When they fight they hold their guns diagonal towards the sky with one arm out and move their wrist downwards to point the gun (this is known as holding it "ghetto stlye" and is the trademark of their mental inability which causes a 200% drop in accuracy) at opposing gangs or police.
50 (or fiddy) cent and Snoop Dogg both claim to be from the bloods and crips.

50 cents inability to read and Snoop Doggs missing teeth support this claim.
by Der Kapitan October 17, 2006
Two extremely ignorant gangs that its no
wonder theres so much black on black crime today. These gangs are really something that kids shouldnt idolize.
These gangs formed outta Compton Califoria (and in some other Cali areas I think) and have been rivals since the
80's or some shit (I'm not sure how long) Bloods wear red and crips of course blue.
Tyrone: Hey man, I'm going to grab some beer at the store.

Jake: Wait are you goin 2 Bentleys beer shop?

Tyrone: yeah why?

Jake:Then put on some fuckin red!!!!!!!!
There be a lotta crips!!!
by x9 March 06, 2005
dumb motherfuckers who cant seem to get along. they're gangs
bloods wear red and crips wear blue. they're always killing eachother
why cant they just fuckin get along i mean come on
by irishmoron August 23, 2005
stupid ass shit.
GANGS that lonely kids join so they can feel wanted,and important.and mostly to brag to their friends about,and act like total bad asses.Alot of them try to start being so in middle school.they throw up their little handsigns and wear blue and red teeshirts.they go around dissing theie friends,trying to start little girl fights.when really if they got in the middle of the real bloods and crips, well it wouldnt be such a good idea. but whatever.
its all a waste of time and a quick way to get into trouble.

crip:hollah C'S UP B'S DOWN!~
crip:Wut you said? I'll get my water gun and pop a cap.
Crip:ok dew!at the park]
bloods and crips:LETS GO MANG
crips mom:come home johnny you have to eat dinner and finish your homewrok!
by HANNAH LEEEA February 05, 2008
Can be related to halo.

They are different are in a lot of ways.
1.Red vs Blue requires strategy and teamwork.
Bloods AND CRIPS requires nothing but guns.
2.Red vs Blue can be fun or frustrating.
Bloods vs Crips is just stupid.
You go to jail,die or get injured.
So play halo, dont join gangs.
by I AM NOT HUMAN May 02, 2010
Sometime around the late 70's, to late 80's a lot of small gangs in LA came together. They called themselves the crips and strated ttaking out other sall gnags, they were preactically ustopable until most of the remaining gangs formed into the Bloodz,(founded by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens) they chose eveything oppesite to the crips( founded by Raymond C. Washington and Tookie Williams). West Side= East Side blue=red...and so on. they are outnumbered by crips but more than make for it by being more violent.
a typical story of Bloods and Crips :my boys was driving down the street and saw a car full of krabs(crips)they falshed their sign and then shots got fired. they sped off, no one was hurt, but some of my freinds (bloodz) got arrested.(true story)
by Alfredo Martinez April 25, 2006
Two gangs that formed from the seperation of the black panthers(originate from compton cali) very violent and stupid, blue being crips redbing bloods
Dont'e: You goin to ABC.

Darron: Yeah why.

Dont'e: Then take off that red there gonna be some BLOODS AND CRIPS!
by Tomscho March 27, 2007

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