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The above definition is partially correct. The thing where you slide on one foot and spell BLOOD with the other is just one move in Blood walking. Crip walking has a similar move except you cross out Blood after you spell it.
Anyway, Blood walking is a style of dance performed by Bloods which is similar to crippin but with no heel toe or shuffle. It sometimes involves spins and shit. Like the Crip walk has a non-gangsta relative called the clown walk, the Blood walk has a non-gangsta relative called the b-bounce. Both are sick.
He repped his set by doing the Blood walk and using his foot to spell out EASTSIDE
by skrudge January 01, 2008
The dance that goes to the Young Bloods song, "Damn"
"If you don't give a damn, we don't give a f*ck!" You do the bloodwalk to this verse..
by *Shawty* December 14, 2003
A walk invented by tha bloods where u slide ur right foot and spell blood wit ur left foot.
Mike:did u blood walk yet?
Mike:Do u kno how?
Jay:Fuck u nigga(Blood Up).
by Fatboy Ray November 07, 2006
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