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Term of extreme excitment from Jamaican descent.
Julias: Eh, word up blud.
Trees: Bigtingsgwanin
Julias: whagwan?
Trees: Me gots 10gs de finest erb
Julias: Blood fire! Can me have some?
Trees: Kiss me shoes.
by Big Jimmy August 25, 2006
Rasta word literally meaning 'Hell'
Dem bad man gonna send em' to bloodfire an back.
by Miguel April 13, 2004
Rasta term literally meaning 'Hell'
Dem bad man send him straight to bloodfire and back
by Miguel April 13, 2004
a term used to describe a reversal from misfortune to good fortune
Boy- My grandma died
Girl- Aww thats well sad
Boy- But she left me a million pounds in her will BLOODFIRE!!!!
by Thugfire September 27, 2011
used in ultimate excitement or slight exclusion.... when you simply cant believe what was just said, or total disregard

1. you want me to kiss your shoes? Blood Fire!!!
2. Blood fire, i just hit the number...
3. fuck outta here - blood fire
4. u got herpese> blood fire!
5. blood fire, is bitch thought she was gettin her man back...
by Che-Buttah February 19, 2009
i) an act of appreciation used by the crowd in underground music to let the dj/emcee know he's smashing the tunes.

ii) a roar of an aggressive nature when an emcee is in the zone and feeling the vibes from the banging basslines and sick rhythms that true emcees and dj's feel in the depths and pit of their filthy electro souls.

iii) Used by dj's/emcee's to get the attention of the audience to let them know the following rhyme or tune is strictly for the baddest mofo's in the room.
''the emcee last night smashed it to bloodfire''

i.e that blud is on fire

unleash a great big

to let either the crowd or the emcee know what's about to go down or what your ready to hear.

q: what time is it?
a: Bloodfire time

oh my days are we ready????
by Roman Bloodfire August 08, 2011
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