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Referring to shooter games, when one player through boredom or ulterior motives decides to start a war or feud of sorts with his own teammate and or teammates. It often culminates with warring parties getting kicked from the game and the opposite team completely destroying you in points.
"Did you see what that fucker MASCO WVU just did to me? He came into my sniper nest, planted c-4 on me, then proceeded to detonate it. Its blood feud time!!!!!"

"Man i had this sweet ass blood feud going with PEDO BEAR last night. Sure it set me back by a few hundred points but it was totally worth it."
by MASCO WVU January 25, 2010
The anger and aggressiveness caused by the female menstruation period.
Amy is a total bitch during her bloodfeud.
by AllNoingWon October 11, 2008
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