A death metal band from Tanzania. Members include: Adolf Skullfucker, Tradustin Wolfblood, and Neilyoung Pinkpimp. They are known as the first death metal band from Tanzania. Albums include:
Blood Orgy! Rahhh!
Orgy of Blood! Rahhh!
Alabama Hotpocket! Rahhh!
Tom: I went to see Blood Orgy the other day... The lead singer threw some bloody liver in the crowd... Totally awesome.

Ali: Bro, Blood Orgy IS death metal.
by Dick Bigley January 30, 2008
Top Definition
An orgy which involves blood, usually with intent of ingestion, use of as a lubricant, and asthetics. NOT necessarily a Satanic act, but this is commonly mistaken.
-Is this a Satanic blood orgy?
-No, the people who go just have extreme blood fetishes.
by laylaybear June 30, 2005
Orgy involving blood. The blood is usually tasted, used as a lubricant, and/or used for asthetic purposes. NOT in all cases assosiated with Satanistic or sacrificial behaviors.
Make sure your blood tests negative for any diseases before attending this evening's blood orgy.
by LayLayBear June 21, 2005
When you cut holes in someone's body, and then fuck the holes.
Doesn't matter where the holes are, as long as you cut and fuck them.
Aidan: "FUCK MAN! I had the best blood orgy last night!"
Laura: "WOAH! Where was the best hole?!"
Aidan: "The one in her neck! It was all juicy! But then she died."
Laura: "Oh..that's a shame."
by i-iz-anon March 07, 2009
Same as a Normal orgy except with more mess, Generally it starts out with a sacrifice or somone dieing then there blood is used as Lubricant and other things
Later tonight we need to find a hot stripper for the blood orgy, dont forget to bring the knife
by Jaxro May 11, 2005
A blood orgy is when you basically have sex with more then one person like a regular orgy. Allthough, the blood can be tasted and consumed and also used as a lubricant.
it DOES NOT involve the sacrifice of a human or animal. and isn't usually a satanic practice.
Lets fuck and use our blood as lubricant. Yummy tasting and smooth entrance. Mmm. What a blood orgy!
by Brittany Bonez August 05, 2007
Having sex with a mother and at least two of her daughters at the same time.

Due to the difficulty of being able to pull this maneuver off it should not be attempted by the faint of heart.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard what Nate did 2 nights ago?
Guy 2: I heard he had a Blood Orgy with a bachelorette party he met at a bar.
by the nme December 12, 2009
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