Used as a noun referring to a womans titties or boobs.

also can be used as a warning to other males that a nice set of "blompers" is partialy/fully exposed.

or as a greeting to your friends
noun - "Dude, check the blompers out on her."

warning - your at a party and a hot chick sits next to you she drops her phone and bends over to pick it up, your buddy across the table gives a light blompers to alert all guys attention to the blomps

greeting - Friend - "Hey man"
"You" - "blompers"
by RP April 04, 2004
Top Definition
Receiving felatio while defecating. ie. getting a blowjob while taking a dump.
Jeff: "yo that new chick you're dating is SO NASTY! Is there anything she wouldn't do?"
Mike: "Don't know bro. One way to find out. I'll ask if she's down for a BLOMPER!"


I was taking a deuce when my wife walked in to get her makeup. Since it was my birthday she got extra generous and gave me a BLOMPER!
by jizbiz April 11, 2008
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