1. The verb: to bloke smoke - to give oral sex to a man
2. A bloke smoker - someone who gives oral sex to a man

"I saw him smoking a bloke last night, fucking bloke smoker"
#bloke #smoker #oral #sex #cock
by Ewan Slater March 20, 2007
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Top Definition
A Blokesmoker is a derogatory term used to describe a homosexual male or anyone exhibiting the characteristics of a homosexual male such as weakness or bitchyness.
Also known as shirtlifter, turdburgler, ringpirate, pillowbiter, poofter, faggot etc
Shut the fuck up you dirty Blokesmoker!
Yeah ya fuckin Blokesmoker!
#homo #poofter #faggot #queer #shirtlifter
by Mad Dod Morgan August 04, 2007
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