A combination of two joint papers, joined by a filter, perfectly lit to give off the feel and appearance of a blunt.
Example 1- "Hey Vinny, spark the bloint!"

Example 2- "I dont have a blunt wrap, but ill make one anyways"
by Cunts4Life October 16, 2011
Marijuana rolled in a cigar(blunt) but is small enough to be a joint. Or marijuana rolled in a rolling paper big enough to be a blunt.
Hurry up and blaze those Bloints!!
by THE DON RON August 05, 2003
A joint rolled and placed inside of a blunt and with more weed inside of it.
dude lets roll a fucking bloint!
by Jon Winn October 11, 2010
A blunt cut in half due to lack of marijuana or torn paper.
Damn, that bloint was effective.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
a term created by niggys of ashburnham who decided to use two green apple joint papers to create a larger then joint and TC dick but smaller then blunt to get a more affective highness
that green apple bloint got us very gayblazied
by jljbtcjmz January 21, 2005

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