Fake bling, purchased at the mini-mart.
"I think the ice on that bloing is startin' to melt!"
by Supersatisfier August 26, 2006
Top Definition
1. v. To insert a joint that is fat enough to be compared to a blunt, or a short blunt that can be compared to a joint aka a "bloint" into the hole at the bottom of the bong bowl and proceeding to smoke. "Bloinging" or "bloingin'" as it is referred to is often the most enjoyable way to finish off a bloint without getting burned. Bloint + Bong = Bloingin'
"Man, this bloint is getting short, I'll put that shit in the bong and bloing it up!"
by king_bloint_420 August 01, 2008
Someone who is usually a huge douchebag and is terrible at literally everything.
Damn that bloing sucks.
by Kthen May 19, 2016
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