Unnecessarily lengthy and/or overly frequent comments posted to a blog; or the habit of extreme verbosity when posting blog comments; or the useless content within such unnecessary comments.
Tom: Wow! Gina must spend her whole day on this blog! She posts a comment on every thread that gets started here! But it's all babble ... she only comes up with something really worth saying about two or three times a month!

Dick: Yeah, she's got a bad case of bloggorhea. She obviously needs to get a real life.
by ninja nella January 25, 2010
Top Definition
When the author of a web log (blog) does not proof read or revise his or her posts, resulting in nonsensical stream of consciousness, otherwise known as babbling.
At times his blog is interesting, if you filter out his bloggorhea.
by jonathan_thompson September 19, 2007
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