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A person that uses the internet to teach giving online periodic lessons which can be written and then posted to a blog or recorded in video and posted to a vlog (video web log) in a sort of on-demand television channel. Usually there's some kind of feedback and the possibility to make requests to the professor but there's no real-time (synchronous) dialog.
Itzi: Do you know, Irina, why does the word "Pinky" has the word "Pink" in it?
Irina: No idea, I'm going to ask Marina, a blogfessor that teaches about the origin of words.

Irina goes home, gets in touch with this teacher who responds posting an article in his blog or a video giving an answer to the question.

The blogfessor's post follows:
"Hello my dear students, today I'm going to explain that the relationship between pink and pinky has nothing to do with color. In fact 'pink' itself did not start out describing the color at all. Let me explain why....."
by HotForTeacher September 26, 2007
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